Testimonials by Families of Ridge Hill School

  • The Warhaftig Family:

    The first time I ever walked into Ridge Hill, I knew it was the right place for my son.  There was so much laughter, and singing and happiness floating around the room.   And this was before I even knew what a fabulous academic curriculum Ridge Hill provides the children too.  This is exactly what a preschool setting should be and just what I was looking for.   After attending Ridge Hill, my 3 children were much better prepared for Kindergarten at the Hingham Public Schools, compared to most of their peers who attended other area preschools.   Ridge Hill is really the best of both worlds!  It offers an amazing academic experience, and all the fun and play of preschool at the same time.

    My 3 children have all gone to Ridge Hill for a total of 9 years combined and I wouldn’t have sent them to any other preschool program.   I strongly believe that Ridge Hill is the most well-rounded of all the preschool programs in the area because it combines an outstanding academic and learning curriculum with tons of play and many fun, special events (including a fabulous visual arts show and end of year school play).

    Ridge Hill is unique to other preschool programs because it offers you the opportunity to pick the days and session times that your child will attend.  I can’t say how terrific this is for working parents and/or  for families balancing multiple children on different school schedules.   We especially loved the option to drop-off early (and not at a set time like most other preschools).  My husband would usually drive our son to Ridge Hill on his way to work while I would and help our other 2 children get ready for their school busses.  It made our lives much more manageable and less stressful!

    I like that I physically walk into Ridge Hill at drop off and pick up time, versus a drive by “car loop”.  This give me the opportunity to interact each day with my son’s teacher, school friends, and other parents.  It also gives my son a few minutes each day to show me some of the special things he is working on at Ridge Hill.

    Vicki is a wonderful Director and in addition to the fabulous teachers, she make Ridge Hill such a special place.   She is always there to greet the children and families in the morning and she communicates with all the families via a weekly  email newsletter (including many photos).   In addition, there are daily written notes on the white boards outside each classroom.   Vicki  has each of the classroom teachers send out a weekly email too, so you always know what what your child is learning and focusing on that particular week.   This was great and it definitely helped me know what types of questions to ask my son about his day at Ridge Hill.

    The teachers at Ridge Hill go above and beyond.  You can tell that they truly love being at Ridge Hill.  Every day at Ridge Hill,  the children break out in  small groups for learning.  The teachers  have the opportunity to work closely with each individual child at his/her level during small group time.  Working in small groups with a teacher, enabled my son to be challenged at the level he needed to be.  I felt very lucky to have this type of individualized attention for my son at a preschool/pre-k program.  They teachers were also so helpful in building self-confidence in my son and he now has a “can do” attitude that he will take with him for life!

    Jack Dewberry
    Ridge Hill Testimonial          
    Our son Jack has just completed his first year at Ridge Hill in the preschool room. This has been an amazing year for him! He has transformed from a shy, unsure little boy, to a self-confident, outgoing child who loves to sing, count everything in sight and can write his own name! We are amazed daily by what he learns! His teachers have been so caring and nurturing and have really helped him come out of his shell and learn so many new things. We cannot express enough what a wonderful experience this has been for our child and our family. Ridge Hill is laying the groundwork for a successful career as a curious, creative and successful student! 

    Hi Vickie,
    I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how wonderful it has been to have Kerrin at Ridge Hill for the past two years.  I am so sad that her time there is coming to an end.  Each day when I drop her off I know she is in a wonderful and warm learning environment.
    She has learned and grown so much while at Ridge Hill and I know that will stay with her for years to come.
    I decided to start Hooked on Phonics with Kerrin so she will be reading before Kindergarten and was amazed how she already knows all her letters and sounds.  She is picking up reading like a pro and it is all due to you and your wonderful staff. Many times I speak to parents of preschool aged children who do not attend Ridge Hill and am amazed at how much more Kerrin is receiving academically.  I have to smile to myself when they mention that their children don’t  know letters or sounds. You truly have the best school in the area for so many reasons.
    Kerrin has had two amazing years, made wonderful friends and looks forward to school everyday.  She actually gets mad when I pick her up. Thank you for providing a superb school for the children in this area. 
    We will miss Ridge Hill so much, but Kerrin will take all that she learned with her as she grows.
    Thank you,
    Kristen O’Neil

    Dear Miss Vicki and all the truly wonderful teachers at Ridge Hill,

    We wanted to thank you all so much for providing such a rich educational program! Dylan has absolutely loved coming to Ridge HIll and wanted to attend even on days he wasn’t there everyday- he always felt very much a part of it. The strong educational curriculum you’ve combined with the nurturing and support of everyone at Ridge Hill makes it an exceptional learning environment. We sincerely thank you all and will miss not being there next year. I know Dylan will miss all of you very much!! It’s been a great experience for us all!!
    With much gratitude, The Varekamp Family: Jenn, Bob, Sophia and of course Dylan!

    To whom it may concern:

    We are so grateful for what the Ridge Hill staff/school has done for our family.
    All three of our children matriculated Ridgehill school and had a wonderful introduction to the educational experience.

    The Teachers and staff are amazing. They provided our children with a warm, Loving and nurturing environment.
    The curriculum was very well structured and was age appropriate.

    As parents, we always felt well-informed by the teachers. We were able to interact with the The teachers always went above and beyond to bring out the best in each child. they customized children’s homework projects and assignments.

    We feel it is so important to start off on the right foot when being introduced to the academic world, and Ridgehill has provided a solid foundation steppingstone for our children. In addition the teachers build self-confidence and inspire children to learn while having fun and socialize with their peers. As a result I feel that they will be well prepared as they enter Elementary school.

    We spent 9 years at Ridge Hill which is a true privilege. We highly recommend this special and amazing school

    The Leibovici Family
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    The Rozanitis Family

    I can’t say enough about RHS of Norwell!  I’ve had 2 boys attend the school for 5 years combined and we have been so pleased with the level of education that they have received.  Our oldest son is going into third grade and our youngest will be starting Kindergarten.  All of the teachers at the elementary school comment about the preparedness of the kids that come from Ridge Hill.  Besides the education aspect the staff at Ridge Hill is wonderful.  It feels like a real family there.  One that is welcoming of all!  It has been so nice to be a part of that family.  It’s hard to believe that we will no longer be climbing the stairs of the little porch that welcomes you to Ridge Hill after this school year is complete.  I will always be grateful to Miss Vicky and her team for the amazing experience my boys have had as well as our family as a whole. We love Ridge Hill!!

    The Williamson Family

    As an elementary school teacher, finding the right preschool to prepare my child both socially and academically for Kindergarten was extremely important to me. Ridge Hill came highly recommended to me by my colleagues and many parents of my former students. I’ve always known it to have a great reputation.
    My daughter’s first year in the preschool classroom was fantastic! For me, the home school communication was the best. Her teacher’s weekly email updates not only informed me about what learning had taken place, but they also included several photos of my daughter engaged in her hands-on learning activities or having fun playing outdoors with her classmates. Each week we’d look over the pictures together, and they became a wonderful springboard for us to discuss all the happenings at school. In addition, the student teacher ratio is outstanding. The small group instruction at Ridge Hill provided my daughter with the attention and guidance she needed while approaching new skills. The caring and talented teachers there always found creative ways to make learning meaningful, yet fun.
    My daughter will be turning five in September, so she will not be heading off to Kindergarten this year. Instead I have enrolled her in the Pre-K program at Ridge Hill. I, like so many parents, am glad she will be another year older and that much more prepared for Kindergarten. I can’t think of a better place for my daughter to continue to develop her independence and readiness as a student. Ridge Hill has been and will forever be a very special place in our hearts to our entire family. In fact my soon-to-be three year old son will be attending Ridge Hill this year as well.
    Veronica Williamson