Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at Ridge Hill School.

Miss Heather, Miss Alissa and Miss Karen are very excited to be your Pre-K teaching staff this year.
This year we are looking forward to teaching an enriching and challenging curriculum. Our objectives are to help better prepare your child emotionally, socially and academically in a positive and nurturing environment. We will be working together to inspire, encourage and educate your children.

Our core curriculum is learning the alphabet, numbers and handwriting. Ridge Hill School uses the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program. The HWT program teaches children writing fluency, which is fundamental to learning. This program is unique because it uses lines and curves to teach the children letters, numbers and body awareness. In addition to the HWT program, we incorporate many different subject areas into our day such as math, science, art, literature, language arts and social skills.

During the course of each day, the core learning concepts will be taught in a small group setting along with your child’s teacher. Smalls groups will remain the same, with the same teacher throughout the school year. Your child will also have the opportunity to be the “VIP” during the school year and participate in the Birthday Book Club.

Parent involvement is welcomed and will be an option at certain times during the school year. Let us all work together to make this year full of fun, learning and personal growth for your child.

See you soon!!!
Miss Heather, Miss Alissa and Miss Karen.

The Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) curriculum is divided into four areas:

Language, Science, Fine Motor Skills, and Art. Below are some of the objectives your child will be experiencing during the school year.


  • Making lists of words for Letter of the Week
  • Recites rhymes and sings songs
  • Listens to stories
  • Looks at book by self
  • Identifies letters and numbers
  • Recognizes some words
  • Copies/writes some owrds
  • Can recite days of week and months


  • Experiments (growing plants, making ramps, sink or float, science bottles, etc.)
  • Graphs (numbers and colors, etc.)
  • Predicting, observing, exploring and making conclusions about projects
  • Participates in a variety of sensory areas

Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds writing tools with correct fingers
  • Draws and labels recognizable pictures
  • Copies/Traces shapes
  • Has developing interest in letters/numbers
  • Holds writing tools w/correct fingers
  • Completes puzzles

Art Projects

  • Open ended projects
  • Uses art materials to represent things
  • Can trace and cut basic shape using the followong art media:
  • Painting
  • Playdough
  • Drawing
  • Glueing
  • Cutting

The following is a typical day in the Pre-K program.

A.M. Program



8:45 ring bell

8:55 quick song / 2 groups get ready to go out

9:00 calendar/ group time

9:30 2 groups out

9:30 calendar / group

10:00 wash hands / snack

10:15 music/movement

10:25 journal

10:45 story

10:55 choice

11:35 clean-up/wash for lunch

11:45 lunch

12:15 clean-up/end of day

12:30 quiet time

P.M. Program

1:15 clean-up / story

1:25 music / movement

1:35 calendar

1:45 wash / snack

2:00 group time

2:30 quick movement / journal

2:45 choice

3:15 clean-up

3:25 outdoors

4:00 story / pack-up / end day

4:15-4:30 afternoon friends pick-up

5:00 pick-up / quiet choicesPreschool | Pre-K | Kindergarten

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