Dear Kindergarten Families,

We would like to welcome you to the Ridge Hill Kindergarten Class of 2018. The Kindergarten class  teachers are Ms. Stacey  and she is starting her 22nd year at RHS and this will be her 20th year in Kindergarten.

The daily schedule will consist of reading, writing, hands-on math, science and social studies based upon weekly themes that correspond to “Choice Time” as well. The educational program delivered is individually based and will vary from student to student. We want each child to be successful at school, learn how he/she learns best and enjoy the learning activities in class.

Each week there will be new ‘sight’ words that will be focused on in class. The children will learn about the words, practice spelling them as well as using them in creative writing activities. Your child will have his/her own file folder of the 50 most common words that he/she will be able to use for spelling reference whenever necessary. Our goal is to have each child reading and spelling the 50 most commonly used words confidently by June. Reinforcement and practice at home is always encouraged for mastery and retention.

Kindergarten is a year of tremendous growth for your child; socially, academically and emotionally. We look forward to working closely with you and your child to ensure that the Kindergarten year is a great experience and sets the tone for the rest of his/her educational years. We look forward to lots of laughs, learning and fun together at Ridge Hill School!

See you in Kindergarten!
Ms. Stacey

The following is a broad overview of the Kindergarten curriculum.

The Ridge Hill School curriculum meets all Massachusetts Core State standards to prepare children for entry into First Grade. We individualize learning as all children learn at different paces and in different ways. The main goal is to be sure each child is successful in their learning and has a strong understanding of all concepts required by the state. 

 ELA –   phonemic awareness skills, phonetic skills and word recognition able to recall information ability to add details to writing ability to draw, dictate and write

– ability to read nonsense words, recognize letters and sounds journal entries – done independently using phonemic skills weekly buddy reading of early readers (goal is to have each child confidently reading a beginning reader book) onset/rimes, silent (e) introduce 50 common words (goal is for all children to recognize these words in print by June)

words – weekly “quizzes” on correct spelling in January sentence writing skills in conjunction with HWT sentence school and Word Time

HWT programThe Ridge Hill School uses Handwriting Without Tears to teach children the proper formation of letters and numbers.  The children have their own journals which they will work in weekly. The children will learn many fun songs and use wooden pieces to help them with their writing formation.

Math number names, counting sequence 1:1 correspondence greater than/less than/=, able to compare numbers addition/subtraction up to 5 place value identify and describe shapes classify  objects by category number writing scrolls (goal is to 100 by June) use manipulatives to illustrate math problems time (:00, :15,:30,:45) money: able to recognize coins and count money

 Social Studies – topics to be covered: community information, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Native Americans, Pilgrims, family cultures, MLK, Jr., Memorial Day, Presidents and our country.

Science – done several times each month – topics vary depending on themes and seasons animal study – the class will work together and research and learn about an animal and
make their own animal fact book

The following is a typical full day’s schedule for our Kindergarten program.

A.M. Program

8:45 ring bell

8:55 quick song / 2 groups get ready to go out

9:00 calendar/ group time

9:30 2 groups out

9:30 calendar / group

10:00 wash hands / snack

10:15 music/movement

10:25 journal

10:45 story

10:55 choice

11:35 clean-up/wash for lunch

11:45 lunch

12:15 clean-up/end of day

12:30 quiet time

P.M. Program

1:15 clean-up / story

1:25 music / movement

1:35 calendar

1:45 wash / snack

2:00 group time

2:30 quick movement / journal

2:45 choice

3:15 clean-up

3:25 outdoors

4:00 story / pack-up / end day

4:15-4:30 afternoon friends pick-up

5:00 pick-up / quiet choices

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