Beginning school can be a bit intimidating and scary for children. We have had 23 years experience helping children transition into The Ridge Hill School on their first day and week of school. Our teachers help each child feel loved and secure as they get ready for a new adventure in their classroom. We would like to share our top 5 suggestions for a happy drop off:

  1. Talk about what to expect in a way your child can understand and reach out to your child’s teacher: if your child’s nerves start at home or on the way to school, talk about the fun things they will do during their day (outdoor playground/sandbox time, playing with cars, painting, singing) Your child’s teacher can also help come up with ideas that will help your child feel less nervous.
  2. Pull the band-aid off quickly: The best drop off is SHORT AND SWEET. Be consistent in your drop off routine, remind your child who is picking them up. This will help ease anxiety about the unknown.
  3. Make a plan for a good bye ritual: This can be anything you decide with your child. For example upon entering the classroom some parents like to say hello to the teachers and talk about what is available to play with and then go to our “goodbye window”. Some children like to have a hug and a kiss at an activity they start playing with. Children thrive on routines.
  4. Always say Goodbye! Always say goodbye to your child even if they are having a tough time letting go. Some may think it’s easier to “sneak out” but that can make your child feel even more nervous and anxious.
  5. Be confident and happy with your child’s school days: As you enter the classroom be a role model for your child. Greet the teachers and other children with a smile and look around at what they might be interested in to play with.

The Ridge Hill teachers are well -versed in helping you and your child transition to school with a routine that works best for you. We are happy to support you and make your child’s school experience a happy one. We’re also happy to check in with via email, phone or text to make sure you know your child has settled in nicely and is playing with friends.

Children do shed tears at first but once they get comfortable with their drop off routine it’s smooth sailing. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride, once you get to the top it’s “smooth sailing”.

Here’s to the start of a great school year.