End of the Year Teacher Gift

Good morning,

Many parents have asked about End of the year Gifts for the teachers. We have a tradition outlined below of how we show our gratitude to all their hard work.

This year, I will be helping with the collection.. I am looking for a parent to help with end of the year if you would like please feel free to email me.

We like to show the teachers our appreciation for their hard work – with a gift of gratitude. Over the years, it has become a “tradition” that they receive gifts cards to some of their favorite places.

As a reminder, we have 3 teachers in Preschool and Miss Maura who works afternoons in the preschool, 3 teachers in PreK and 1 Kindergarten teacher and Miss Dianne our Directed Art Teacher in Pre-k/k.
Many families find this a convenient way to show their appreciation for our amazing teachers. Please include your name with your donation. There will be envelopes and a pen if you need on in each box.

We have collection boxes for Pre School in the front hall, Pre K and K are at the landing of the stairs to second floor. Please make your contributions by June 10th.

You are not obligated to donated if you have your own way of saying thank you for the end of the year.
Both cash and check are fine (checks can be made payable to Ridge Hill School)

Thank you all for your support of our teachers.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at ridgehill@comcast.net

Kind Regards,

Miss Vicki