Ridge Hill Gives

  • During the week of September 24th – 28th we participated in the Wicked Good Cause Campaign for raising money towards childhood cancer. The school went “Gold” on Friday September 28th and we were able to raise $793.67!!!

    Friends from school donated their “Charity Jar” and “Lemonade Stand” money to our Gold Boot. We also had a family match the first $100.00 raised which made our campaign a huge success.

    The feeling of community is evident at Ridge Hill School. They say it takes a village .. and we have quite a unique one here at Ridge Hill School.

    I am filled with gratitude and thanks to all the participated in our Gold Boot Campaign.

    May the first day of October bring you a day filled with Gratitude for all that we have.


    October 1st, 2018 | Ridge Hill School |

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