Back to School Checklist

  • Happy Friday,

    Here is a great checklist to get prepared for your child’s upcoming school year.

    1. Backpack: keep a spare change of clothes (socks as well) in a zip lock bag

    2. Lunch Box: labeled with your child’s name on it

    3. Snack Box: labeled with your child’s name on it (for full day please label one for am and one for pm )

    4. Comfortable shoes for the playground (flip flops are not great for the playground area)

    5. Enrollment forms and Back to school fun forms : fill out and bring to us at the Open House Wed Aug 29 and Th Aug 30 from 9-12

    Hope this quick checklist helps you out.

    Stay tuned for upcoming events this fall for parents we have some fun events planned 🙂

    Enjoy your weekend

    Miss Vicki

    August 3rd, 2018 | Ridge Hill School |

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